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UR20 Universal Robots.png

We present the UR20 at the Night of Modern Factories

After the factory visit of Vesz-Mont 2000 Kft., we present the latest collaborative robot from Universal Robots!


We organized a series of automation events

We organized a professional meeting at the engineering office of Quantum Automation Kft.


We are preparing for a series of events

The first topic of our automation event series is material handling, machine maintenance and lasers.


Robots, already in the food industry?

The food industry and plant automation have traditionally lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies.


We have obtained the "A" Dun & Bradstreet certificate

Only 7.44% of companies in the Hungarian market are entitled to the "A" Dun & Bradstreet certificate.

CNC megmunkálógépek kollaboratív robotos kiszolgálása.jpg

Collaborative robotic servicing of CNC machining machines

Robotic CNC service with a collaborative robot can be an investment that pays off in a short time for small and medium series, but also for large series and mass production.


Robots and automation

We organized a professional meeting in the production hall of Plasma-Tech Systems Kft.!


Tank welding with a robot

Péter Szijjártó visited LogSol Kft and inquired about the welding robot designed and manufactured by us. 


New robot in Hungary!

The first UR16e collaborative robot in Hungary was included in a research and development project. 


Robot arm in the TV studio

We recently visited a studio where one of the most watched news programs in Hungary is being recorded with the help of a collaborative robotic arm from Universal Robots.

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