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Team Meeting

Get to know the products we distribute! Sales in Hungary are carried out at Quantum Automation Kft. with outstanding product quality and the help of professional engineer salespeople.

Engineering Sketch
Engineering Services

Quantum Automation Kft. provides technical solutions in the entire field of automation. Either it’s mechanical design, electrical design, PLC programming, PC programming or robot programming, our engineering team will solve your problem.

Service and maintenance service

Quantum Automation Kft. provides high-quality service in the entire field of automation. Whether it is automated assembly machines, production lines, robot cells, or laser applications, our service team will help you solve the problems that arise.

Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing

In addition to design, our company also undertakes the production of custom-made machines in the field of automated assembly machines, automatic production lines, robotic applications and vibrating dosing systems.

Electrical control cabinet construction

Our highly experienced team of engineers carries out electrical cabinet assembly work with great precision and accuracy in order to meet the needs of our customer.

Laser payroll

Marking of industrial parts, marking of individual parts, serial marking, labeling of gift items, marking of barcodes and QR codes.

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