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Since the establishment of the company in 2006, our main profile was laser technology. We distributed laser sources and other laser related equipment, assembled and sold complete solutions. After a change of ownership in 2014, a new business line was born: industrial automation. Throughout the years this new branch slowly started to gain more attention, and finally became our most succesful one.


Our product range also followed the rising of this new line. We started to design and manufacture special purpose machines, and also became distributors of automation related brands such as Universal Robots collaborative robots, Walther Systemtechnik dosing systems, Weber screwdriving systems, Hiwin linear motion products, and StockNGo intelligent sotrage solutions. Our aim is to be able to give complete machine solutions for our customers preferring the brands we represent.


In 2020, our owner decided to separate the two business units and created a new company, which keeps focusing on laser technology. Due to this strategic decision we have gone through a rebranding process, in order to represent our activities and field of expertise better. New image, new name, quality and flexibility remains the same: this is Quantum Automation!

Dosing and application systems

Our supplier, Walther Systemtechnik (Germany), offers complete solutions for dosing and application systems. 

For greases, oils, preservatives, silicones, release agents, acids, alkalis, primers, fluxes (gels), air, water, glue, adhesives, liquid pastes, teflon solutions, lubricants, lubricants, alcohol, corrosion inhibitors and anti-squeak varnishes.

Collaborative robots

The robots in the Universal Robots (Denmark) product family we sell are cost-effective, flexible, safe and easy to use. These cooperative robots (cobots) offer the opportunity to take better control of your business. You don’t have to worry about one of the cobots being sick, stop working without any warning, being bored, getting injured or taking too long to learn new processes.

Intelligent storing systems

StockNGo (Hungary) storage system, a revolutionary solution that is more than a self-service automatic warehouse: an up-to-date, issue and take-back unit that serves user needs from the office to production. It has a reliable and modern user-friendly interface that is accessible to those, who are authorized at any time.

Screwing technology

The „WEBER-PRINCIPLE” is based on the introduction of fully automated screw driving. .
Both compact and efficient hand screwdrivers and versatile stationary screw driving systems follow this principle.

Quantum Automation Kft. provides a solution in all areas of screw driving with the help of the WEBER (Germany) brand. 

Intelligent storing systems

Photoneo (Slovakia) is a leading provider of robot vision and intelligence. Based on the patented 3D technology, Photoneo has developed the world's highest resolution and highest precision 3D camera, thus enabling the full possibilities of reliable and fast machine learning, and also shortens the time of task training and installation.

Intelligent storing systems

As the Hungarian distributor of Nikon Metrology, Quantum Automation Kft. offers its customers 3D coordinate measuring devices and laser scanners. Quality assurance in production plays an increasingly important role in all areas of industry. Different types of measuring devices provide the opportunity to check the dimensions of the product with high precision.

Motion systems

Movement is our job! Profile rail guards, ball screws, linear motors or positioning systems – as an expert partner in the field of linear technologies, we offer HIWIN (Germany) solutions from a single source.

pick-it-l másolata.jpg
Screwing technology

With the help of Pickit 3D cameras, robots have been given eyes, making them even smarter. They are suitable for selecting and sorting objects of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Screwing technology

The Vesz-Mont group's own brand development is the automatic traying equipment.

Accurate and precise product dosing is essential in serial production. In our development, we provide a fast and unique solution for dispensing trays. We can change trays in 7 seconds, which gives us a competitive solution in dosing.

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Engineering services
  • Mechanical design

  • Electrical design

  • PLC programming

  • PC programming

  • Robot programming

  • Development of automation processes

  • Maintenance, service 

Special purpose machine
  • Automated assembly machines

  • Automatic production lines

  • Testing equipment

  • Robotic applications

  • Complete construction

  • Vibration dosing systems

Special purpose machine

Quantum Automation Kft. undertakes laser marking in the following areas:

  • Marking of industrial components

  • Unique part marking

  • Series designation

  • Labeling of gift items

  • Marking barcodes, QR codes, company logos

Engineering services

In addition to engineering services and machine construction, Quantum Automation Kft. also deals with the assembly of electrical cabinets. Our highly experienced team of engineers carries out the assembly work with great precision and accuracy, so that we can meet the needs of our customer.​

01 Polanik.PNG
Engineering services

The Polanik product line provides quality in the entire field of athletic equipment. The Hungarian distributor of Polish-made sports equipment is Quantum Automation Kft. A complete range of equipment can be found in the entire field of hurdles, discus, hammer throw, shot put, javelin throw, high jump and pole vault. Get the equipment you need for sports, for adult and children's training. If you would like to improve your sports equipment, take a look at our electronic devices, which are essential improvements for sports competitions. Our Polanik products can be purchased for all stages of the training program, from training equipment to competition equipment.

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