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Automatic traying equipment


The Vesz-Mont group's own brand development is the automatic traying equipment.

Accurate and precise product dosing is essential in serial production. In our development, we provide a fast and unique solution for dispensing trays. We can change trays in 7 seconds, which gives us a competitive solution in dosing.

Our product is 100% developed and manufactured in Hungary! The equipment is built from high-quality products from Western Europe.

We prepare the automatic tray equipment according to the customer's needs, adjusted to the current tray size.

The course of the automatic traying

1, Place a column of trays in the transmission system of the automatic tray feeder Bosch Rexroth.​​ 

2, A linear transfer system moves the column-sized trays into a separator. In the separator, we lift out the column-sized tray so that the lowest tray moves out of the column.

3, At this work point, the parts are dispensed. In this process, the product to be manufactured can be removed from the tray, and then the empty tray is lowered into the lower part of the tray, where it is stacked and collected in a column.

4, The lower Bosch Rexroth system moves the empty tray column to the starting position.


Our development from design to production

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