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3D Camera Systems

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Automate any pick and place task.
Manufacturers worldwide are doing their best to keep up with high standards and strong competition. Production needs to be
bigger and better while labor shortage is rising. The solution to their struggles? The automation of manufacturing processes with robots. These processes involve the picking and placing of different kinds of parts at the beginning and end of the production line. This takes 40% of the labor force’s working time. However, these tasks were traditionally hard and often impossible to automate.
Pickit makes this possible by making the robot smarter. The 3D camera and software give the robot eyes so it can see the objects in order to pick them.

A Pickit Products

Pickit M-HD.PNG
  • Best in class camera

  • Picks small and medium sized objects

  • High accuracy

Pickit M-HDpic.PNG
Pickit M.PNG
  • Highly versatile 3D camera

  • Picks medium sized objects

  • Fastest ROI in the

Pickit Mpic.PNG
Pickit L.PNG
  • Highly versatile 3D camera

  • Picks large sized objects

  • Pallet unloading

Pickit Lpic.PNG

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