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Dosing and Application Systems

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Quantum Automation Kft. provides a solution in the field of dosing and application systems with the help of innovative products from Walther Systemtechnik.

We distribute our systems to the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, rubber, chemical and metalworking industries. 

We recommend our products for fats, oils, preservatives, silicones, release agents, acids, alkalis, primers, fluxes (flow gels), air, water, adhesives, glues, liquid pastes, Teflon solutions, lubricants, alcohol, corrosion inhibitors and anti-squeak varnishes.

Walther Systelmtechnik in many areas of industry

Walther Systemtechnik products in all areas of the dosing process.

Material supply systems
Pulse feeders
Feeding valves
Marking systems
Nozzles and Valves
Monitoring equipment

Dosing and application to surfaces with different geometries and materials.

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